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Robert André

Robert André

Robert André was born in 1929 and he started his career as a stage painter in the City Theatre of Bern.
He fulfilled his studies in Paris, where he postgraduated in Fine Arts.

Robert André became famous through his space and fantasy art paintings.
In most recent years, he has mainly focused on poetic paintings, which reflect his naturalistic and fantastical art work.

Not only known for his paintings, Robert André is also a famous illustrator of chlidren's books.
His art work is shown all over Europe and North America,
where his paintings are displayed at numerous art exhibitions.

Today, Robert André still works as a painter in Bern, Switzerland.
Acrylic on canvas
14" x 9" (1998)
Painter In The Year 3000 Painter In The Year 3000
Acrylic on canvas
9" x 14" mm (1998)
Robert André - Find new horizons